Mountain Hajla – ”Climb to the saddle” (16th Memorial expedition “SAFET MAVRIC – Chaco”) Winter 2013

The photo was taken at a January 12, 2013, at the three-day tour, on border between Kosovo and Montenegro, at the start of the climb to the saddle, which is located below the mountain Hajla ridge.

The Mountaineering Club PK Oblun and mountaineering guide Zoran S. Mirotić. was on a visit 16th Memorial expedition “SAFET MAVRIC – Chaco”, 11-13 January, 2013.

Hajla is a mountain situated on the border between the state of Montenegro and Kosovo, and belongs to the North-Eastern part of Prokletije mountain range. Actually, with the height of 2,403m it is the highest mountain of this part of Prokletije. Many people consider Hajla to be one of the most beautifull mountains of Montenegro.


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